Brotherly love

I’ve just come off the phone with my brother, who voiced some concerns as to my decision not to be inoculated against rabies. This was largely based on finances rather than research and a feeling that I’m sure I would recognise a rabid animal if I came across one. “But how would you know? They have different animals over there”. True. Ever the supportive and conscientious sibling he proceeded to do some research whilst we chatted and then played the following over the phone to help me

“What on earth is that?”

Striped Skunks (Mephitis mephitis)

Striped Skunks – NOT a native to Tanzania (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“It’s the sound of a rabid animal”

“The sound of a rabid animal?”


“Well, what animal is it?”

“A skunk”

“A skunk?”

“Yes. It’s so you can recognise the sound of an animal with rabies”

“…but they don’t have skunks in Tanzania”

“No…that’s in Florida. Tanzania is a lot worse…  You should have your rabies jabs”.


2 thoughts on “Brotherly love

  1. I once met a nurse who had cared for people dying with rabies. she said that when you die, you howl like a dog. Nice. However, I was bitten by a dog in a remote place in Indonesia. Several days later I went to the hospital – they didn’t have the rabies jab in stock anyway, so that was the end of that. I’m still here.

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