Reality check

Ha, just had a reality check and realisation that despite all my research and prepping I still have a Western mentality…


Just to let you know, when you pick me up I no longer have bleached blonde hair but it’s still short. I’ll be wearing a blue jacket that will have pink turn-ups on the sleeves and will be dragging a big blue bag on wheels and will have a rucksack on my back – and probably looking a bit frazzled. I feel like I should wear a red carnation or something!!

Amy (Leila’s mum):

LOL about your description – to be honest, I think I will recognise you as the only white person getting off the plane – and I’ll be the only white woman standing at the airport!!!  I don’t think we will miss each other!

Honestly Kirsty, where on earth do you think you’re going?


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