Reasons to check under the bed # 2

Okay so he’s not under the bed but it’s definitely a reason to check outside before you step out for an evening cigarette. I’ve actually had one of these lovelies land on my foot late one night – it’s not a pleasant sensation. There’s a lot of them about. Unfortunately I don’t know what kind of toad he is so if anyone has a clue, please do let me know

4 thoughts on “Reasons to check under the bed # 2

  1. I’m afraid from checking this out for you it’s just the bog standard African Toad…..your region and Tanzania did find a new toad though ‘nectophrynoides’ ugly lumpy looking toads which differ from the regular toad as they bear live young (as opposed to eggs or spawn as we know it)…..interesting if you look out for those….all horny and bumpy with what looks like blisters at it’s head and joints….mwah mwah!!!

    • Lol! Bloody hell David that is some serious research. Thank you! He’s actually become a permanent resident now and he’s really clever – we watched him working out how to go down a manhole yesterday. He tried every position available before settling on bottom first! Hope you’re all good Wimbledon way xx

  2. Hi Kirsty! It was so much fun going through your blogs. Please keep writing. It makes me feel like I still have an inside connection to the baby home. Also, I tried to email you along with some other volunteers but I must have written your email down incorrectly. Could you send it to me please? Thank you!

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