Surreptitious Snaps

These were taken out of a car window on my way with the Hathaways to a beach at Mavuno Village for a view and some home made carrot cake.  It took about an hour to get there, in which we entertained ourselves singing and signing show tunes and looking out the window. The alien landscape outside was matched by the in-car experience of hearing an 11 year old sing Evita passionately – must, must update their music selection for them…

What gets me about these photos is how on one long road (it goes all the way to the Serengeti) you can get such a sense of how a jumble of lives, colours, scenery, people, priorities and cultures add up to something visually very stunning. It makes me think of those paintings that up close look like someone has just squeezed blobs of oil paint onto a canvas but you stand back and you can see it as a whole and how beautiful it is.

Dala dalas and painted brickwork advertising Sprite and Coca Cola are replaced by Acacia trees, mud huts and push bikes (often villages will have only one bike to share amongst them as their only means of transport). The cliffside houses are illegal – they’re considered hazardous as they’re built with no foundations and the rainy season will see them sliding down the hillsides. The government often intervene and pull them down. I do momentarily envy them their view.

Looking out the window on this drive, it was really hard not to fall in love with Tanzania.


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