Wag Hill Lodge

I’m sitting on a porch in my temporary home in the sky, surrounded by treetops, listening to Nina Simone rock out, Camel Light in my hand, sundowner on the carved wooden table in front of me, camera ready for Malachites, monkeys, rock rabbits and anything else that comes to have a look at me and I’m unable to think of anything else I could possibly want or need. Then I spot the canoe, just a few feet away from me that I can push off into Lake Victoria any time I want to and life just seems to be a little unfair in my favour.

We’ve treated ourselves to 3 days at Wag Hill Lodge, a remote idyllic place on a peninsular half an hour’s drive from Mwanza. We are in the middle of nowhere¬†– when Judy (beautiful woman who helps us in the kitchen) goes home it’s just us and the Askari, Mabula, the wildlife and a piki piki for emergencies.

It’s not quiet – birds squawk, it’s choppy on the lake so the water is gently hitting the banks (I keep hoping it’s a croc or hippo come for a visit, but they’ve not been seen for months) and Driller Bees are humming everywhere.

We have a BBQ, we have a pool, we have a place for bonfires and drinks…We have heaven.

My bed is raised so that I can see out in the morning and watch the sunrise… I am feeling the most delicious apathy.



2 thoughts on “Wag Hill Lodge

  1. Hey! it looks and sounds amazing!! completely different pace of life eh! we’ve just been to Boomtown festival for the weekend and being in 3rd gear instead of 5th was lush. photos are getting better each time! Go You!!!!! Nxxx Nicky

    Date: Sun, 12 Aug 2012 20:32:12 +0000 To: nicksaway@hotmail.com

    • Hey! Thanks treacle, means a lot coming from you! Yes, absolutely stunning isn’t it? I’m taking Mum and Tim there in December. Will check your Boomtown photos shortly. Big love xx

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