Reasons to check under the bed # 3

WTF is it?!! This sauntered out from under my bed, just as I was coming out from the shower. It froze, I froze, both a little apprehensive about what the other might do. I decided to break the Mexican stand-off by going back in the bathroom and shutting the door. It disappeared. Later, I’m in bed (under the sanatorium netting again), reading and I hear this screechy, scratchy rustling sound… Ever the Girl Guide I get up to investigate – this thing is only making itself a little bed in a plastic bag I have left on the floor!? To make things clear it is at least TWICE the size of this picture. Again it froze (was it hoping to hide?!), again I opted for the ‘if I pretend I haven’t seen it, it doesn’t exist’ approach and got back into bed. It has totally ruined getting up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet for me – I have to put the head torch on before I put my feet out because I do not want that squishing between my toes! I have shown several Tanzanians this photo and it remains unidentified. I’m just hoping the enormous lizard I found in the pantry today (potential next ‘Reason for…’) will sneak into my bedroom and kick its arse.



5 thoughts on “Reasons to check under the bed # 3

  1. It’s an ant possibly but not quite sure which type. There are stinging ants native to your area – the colours don’t match though. But the 3 legs and 3 body parts match the ant family- head, thorax and abdomen. Hmm more details to the narrow the search please – was he/she alone; did he/she react to the light? What time of day did they come out? Not sure if shower before bed at night or if it was an afternoon nap. Given the experience of your first weekend here who knows eh??? Pretty much slept your way through that!! Ha hahahahahahaha!!


  2. An ANT?! I am being EXTREMELY serious when I say it was twice the size of this picture! It was rustling a plastic bag!! It was intelligent and didn’t mind having its picture taken and reacted to me in a bath towel… So not like anything/one I’ve met before… (I’m not even going to rise to that last comment xx)

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