Reasons to check… your razor handle

Oh, I KNOW – ridiculous isn’t it? After some of the beasts I’ve had to contend with it’s like African Disney (Babu Walt?) has sprinkled some magic in my shower room…

He’s just too cute isn’t he?

I admit it – this is a totally nonsense post to fill the gap whilst I’m finishing the others, but just enjoy and say “ahhhh”.


5 thoughts on “Reasons to check… your razor handle

  1. Kirsty, you are finding the weirdest creatures over there. But even those posts make me miss Tanzania. Thanks for all your blogs, it keeps me feeling connected. Also, side thought, did the mosquito repellant work for you? Was it too abrasive? I hope you are having an amazing time, it certainly sounds like you are.

    • Hey lovely! Thanks for following. Yes, never a dull moment re the animals here. Yesterday saw me trying to help rescue a pig from being eaten by dogs… In terms of a workout I think it could rival P90X!!! Hope you’re both good. When you coming out again???! Oh and the repellent is fine – it actually has less Deet than the UK ones so no worries

      • Haha wonderful! You are having such adventures, I am very jealous. I wish I could say I’m leaving tomorrow to go back but it’ll most likely be in the next couple of years. Give the babies my love, I miss them so much!

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