It’s not all work, work, work…

I have been a little too work focused recently, I admit it. Setting up the project, working with Leila, learning KiSwahili and TSL, lesson planning, and I am now converting into BSL Isamilo International School’s Christmas play and teaching them all how to sign it…

But I have been ‘out in Africa’ so to speak and I’m annoyed at myself that I haven’t written about my adventures. There’s the story of the bus ride to Musoma, tearing through the Serengeti at speeds that made me nauseous, watching Gospel hip hop music videos and listening for 2 hours to a preacher shouting the word of God at the back of the bus, which seemed a perfect comment on the driving. There’s fantastic local food I’ve eaten, beautiful sunsets I could have shared, conversations with friends I should have told you about (the Kiswahili for to smoke and to be naked sound very similar – I thought I was saying I wanted to smoke…), marvellous people I’ve been meeting. I’m sorry – I should be showing you a little more of Africa. So here is my photo essay of what I’ve been doing, eating and seeing for the last few months…



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