It’s nice to be able to get away for the weekends. Mwanza is beautiful but there’s not a lot to do – lots of bars and restaurants and places to shop,  but if you just want to admire the scenery and what a beautiful place you’ve managed to land yourself in then getting outside of the city is the best way.

I like to visit Nyegezi or rather Lucherewe (I’m guessing the spelling so apologies) – a dala dala then piki piki ride to Gamba Lodge, where you can look at the lake and “refresh your face computer” as a friend would say. The village is pretty and also really busy as it’s just next to the University. There’s loads of lovely walks, plenty of people to “Mambo!” and next to the lodge there’s a duka that does the best Sunday breakfast – egg fried chapati with brown beans and milk chai. I’m completely addicted and it’s so nice sitting out by the lake, watching the dada’s cook, the chickens and ducks wandering round the ‘kitchen’ and generally just feeling very peaceful…


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