Beep, beep

Yep, utter chaos are the words I’d use as well but in my defense, who knew that glue and sequins would cause such a stir with the older kids? More went on their faces than anywhere else – there was no herding them out of the classroom until the creative part of the lesson was over…

The lesson was more transport and this time we were making dala dalas. Glue, sequins, tissue paper, crayons… Definitely going to need some help with classroom management next year.

In a rather spirited f* you, my class decided to fight back against whoever is tearing up their artwork and chose to glue their creations to the wall. I’m afraid I heartily encouraged this… I’ve also taken a photo of each of their dala dalas and will be printing them and laminating them to give to take home next week so whatever I go into on Wednesday,  we’re all still going to come out smiling.

As for learning the TSL for lorry, bus, aeroplane, car, train, boat, motorbike – Tick!


4 thoughts on “Beep, beep

  1. I am so with your class, glue everything down! Poster’s, furniture, (all except those plastic chairs) and with a more sinister bent, anyone who remotely looks like they would steal the beautiful and creative artwork. See you soon Corinne(Mum) xx

  2. Awesome, love the sequin dala dalas and the best creativity surely comes from chaos! They look like a handful though…

    • Ha, they’re groovy aren’t they?. They actually had the option to use all sorts of material but once the sequins came out that was that. Yeeeess, classroom management and the concept of sharing will be improved this year …

  3. Sequins and glue, Kirst this would send me in to a frenzy and I’ve grown up with such delights!!!
    Just having a chilled Sunday reading all your posts that I haven’t had a chance to catch up with lately, gosh the safari looked incredible and the work you are doing is amazing, i’m so proud of you xxxx

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