The Endless Plains

I could talk about the Tsetse flies:

“Ow, shit, what the hell was that?”

“What do you mean what the hell… Ow, what was… hang on a minute..ow!!”


“So Marcel {guide, friend, animal extraordinaire}, obviously people need the loo when they come on safari? When and where can we go?”

*Sound of quite chuckling*

“It’s at the back of the truck”.

“Oh good, great… but hang on…there’s no… ah right.. get it”


“Shit, an African bee has just stung me on my boob {don’t worry dear reader – not the one the frog landed on}!”.

“Well, someone is going to have to suck out the sting!”

*….Tumble weed…*

“NO ONE is sucking anything!”

“Well, that’s a terrible attitude to have when we’re out in the bush!”

Or, I could simply tell you it is one of the most beautiful places on earth… Words can’t describe and sadly neither do my pictures. You just have to go.



5 thoughts on “The Endless Plains

  1. These pictures are amazing and I cant believe how much wildlife you saw! Did you have a super zoom or were they really so close?? I am sick sick sick with envy…

    • Ah thanks. No they were really that close – I was cursing the lack of a zoom lens as we actually saw a lot more but my pictures weren’t good enough to include. You should befriend Tim on FB – his pictures are awesome!!

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