Can you help?

Me looking a bit pleased with myself

Yes, I can hear you, “more sodding requests for support *dramatic sigh*” but really, with your respective countries in the state that they are I’ll wager all your doing is sitting on your couch, glued to yet another depressing news story about house prices going down, food prices going up, possibility of triple-dip recessions and desperately in need of the feel good factor. Well here’s a way you can have it and it won’t even cause charity fatigue. Isn’t that nice of me?

As you know, Bugando School has absolutely no resources, except maybe a piece of chalk and that’s not always a definite. I make my own visual aids and buy the resources I need through the kind donations of you lot. But to furnish a Deaf unit with enough teaching and learning resources to start improving the education experience is going to take a lot more that what we’ve got. Soooo,,,

I’m doing a book drive so to speak. I’m talking to as many different schools, businesses, individuals as possible to request used, new, unwanted, out-of-date text books, story books, reference books, anything that can be used to aid teaching and learning. It’s hard to describe how precious a book is out here – nobody can afford them and the excitement when I gave each child the dictionary really brought home this fact as you will have seen from the photos.

Amy (Forever Angels) has organised for a container to come to Mwanza in March with stuff for the baby home http://www.foreverangels. She is unable to fill it and so has allowed me some space for any books that might be donated. The address to send the books to is

 Val Lithgow

28 Carisbrook Drive

Please call or email her first to let her know they’re coming

01606 554271

and clearly mark the parcel “For Bugando Deaf Unit Project”. The items preferably need to arrive by March 1st as Val has the Herculean task of sorting and packing everything to send. It’s impossible to describe how treasured and important books are seen as out here so anything you can donate will make such a difference.

I’ve contacted some big name book stores and a number of schools so hopefully will get a response. If you’re a teacher or work at a book store and think your school or company would be interested then please do pass on the details.

But if books aren’t your thing donations are always so necessary and gratefully received. Just go to my just giving page


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