It’s a dogs’ life

Oh I know, did I really just use that title? Hardly brimming with originality but I was stuck, okay? Forgive me…

Dogs are everywhere in Tanzania. Wild packs of them roam about the villages and cities scavenging and brawling with each other like a scene reminiscent of a Brighton stag do. As with aforementioned do, most people will cross the road to avoid them, feverishly wishing they hadn’t ignored their brother’s advice and the demonic skunk clip and had got the rabies shot. Tanzanians are terrified of dogs, which goes some way to explain the nonchalant and somewhat arrogant way they’ll just lie asleep in the roads, on top of cars or take a pee next door (on) to your beautifully arranged tomatoes for sale.

It’s this fear that those with anything to steal have capitalised on and most mzungus and wealthy Tanzanians will have dogs as well as askaris to protect their property and themselves. For the askaris it’s a plus – the beheading last year of two askaris in Pasiansi  by thieves displays the dangers of sleeping on the job. If they’d had dogs as well, the burglars wouldn’t even have jumped over into the property.

But one would think it important that the dogs in question be fierce, scary even, with a knee trembling bark and god awful dog breath

Meet Dotty and Bimbo…

IMG_2755IMG_2756Mmmh, filled with horror? Terrified of the gumming you’ll get if you go anywhere near these ladies? It’s less a Chardonnay-fuelled hen do in Newquay and more of an Ann Geddes’ photo shoot. Rescued from a box on the streets these, apparently, will become our guard dogs at the volunteer house, trained by myself and Amber. Um I think we’re a long way off from one of us trundling down the garden covered in foam whilst the other yells “sic her!”.

I’m more inclined to believe it’s a poorly disguised attempt by Amy to play on my heartstrings and make me stay here another year. I must admit I’m rather intrigued as to how they’ll turn out. Certainly, a sofa and several pairs of shoes can attest to their fearsomeness…


2 thoughts on “It’s a dogs’ life

  1. So sweet and yes Amy is certainly a very bright woman! She must have thought one puppy for each year? Fair enough. Love you and miss you beautiful woman, lots of love Mum xx

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