“If there is no struggle…

…there is no progress”. Frederick Douglass c. 1818 – February 20, 1895

So, unfortunately Raleigh said no. Going through a period of restructuring, they have made the decision to define themselves as an organisation that will work solely with rural projects so Bugando school, in the middle of a city, did not meet that criteria. Jim was very kind about it when explaining and was as disappointed as I was that they couldn’t take it any further. He has other organisations in mind that he will put me in contact with and, although I forgot to say at the time, I really appreciate that he came to see the school and had a lot of advice, ideas and information to give (and also handy tips for me travelling around Tanzania).

But oh, I can’t tell you how disappointed I feel. It’s my fault – I’d done a little bit of dreaming, imagined the project taking shape, it had become a reality in my mind, which made a longer drop when the bubble burst. To continue seems overwhelming – rather than have volunteers and an organisation who understand about building in Tanzania I’ll have to find fundis for building furniture, fixing floors and roofs, building fences, improving sanitation. Christ, I don’t even know where to start! I also need a charity under whose umbrella I can work so that all those people who’ve already said they want to support the project have a registered number and can be confident about where their money is going.

But it’s not like giving up is an option so no time for doubts and procrastination. Abdallah, Hassani, Theresa, Agropea and co desperately need someone to care about and value their right to a decent education and learning environment, so I guess I’m just going to have to get my boiler suit on and start learning the kiswahili vocab for construction. I’m going to pitch Forever Angels and see if they’ll allow me to fundraise and do the work for the project under their name and there are other organisations that I know of and that Jim will be putting me in touch with that hopefully can help. It’s just going to be a lot more work is all – thank goodness I’ve decided to stay for another year…

3 thoughts on ““If there is no struggle…

  1. So disappointing, but you get knocked down and just get up again(as some song says) I am happy that you are not defeated and are already thinking of other ways to move some of your plans forward, anyway giving up was never really an option. Love you and miss you now for another year! Take care little warrior Mum xxx

  2. Things do often seem a struggle here yes….sorry to hear about Raleigh not being able to support you but maybe they will be the link and reference to find someone that can support Bugando.

  3. Oh Kirst, I’m sorry, you must feel deflated. Sometimes things happen for a reason, although this is not clear at this point perhaps round the next corner will be a delightful surprize?! I meant to ask where is your just giving link, I was looking for it before and cant locate it? The school and children are so lucky to have you on their side, keep shining on little star xxxxx

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