A little calamity

It was difficult telling the school the news from Raleigh. As I explained as best I could their reasons for not helping the school, Raymond covered his face with his hands. It was a long, silent and awkward moment that I tried to fill with reassurances that I was still going to try and help, that I was undeterred but that it might take longer than we had originally hoped and that we should focus on the Deaf unit first. Inevitable questions followed – the school had land in a rural area, what if they moved the Deaf unit their? Would Raleigh help then? When I asked how the children would get there he replied they would make it a boarding school… Other questions followed, all really that would have been best answered by Raleigh but unfortunately they have still not contacted the school to deliver the outcome.  I’m unsure as to why. But once the disappointment was over we made plans. Raymond is getting the quotes from the fundis the school uses for the work we want done. I will be trying to find a charity or organisation willing to be an umbrella to the project. I have people who would like to donate but for obvious reasons want a charity number and account to donate to. Once I have this in place I can start fundraising in earnest. So now my free time sees me trying to write an attractive and persuasive proposal to achieve just that. An umbrella so that I can get the roof fixed so the rain doesn’t come in, so I can fix the floors and increase the security so we can finally put up all those visual displays that are so desperately needed. I’ll admit, it feels a little lonely and I’m completely out of my depth but I’m certain that something good will come of this. Smooth rides make for boring stories anyway. A little calamity – that’s worth talking about.

5 thoughts on “A little calamity

  1. You are an amazing human being on this planet. Thanks for what you’re doing to make a difference. Wow. Powerful share. They are so lucky to have you.

  2. A small calamity, hey ho minor set back! You continue to be an inspirational force and unstoppable, as always I am so proud of everything you are achieving and tails will always be held straight up in the air! Love you Mum xx

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