Reasons to check under the bed… #3


These buggers are EVERYWHERE – in the hallway, wrapped round my shampoo, coming up the steps, and they are enormous. They rattle when you flick them away with your toe and curl up into a coil (the centipede not me – I’m more of a foetal position when I’m frightened). Apparently they are harmless, but when you haven’t got your glasses on and shampoo in your eye it’s heart stopping to see a blurry black or green shape advancing towards you…

Reasons to check under the bed # 3

WTF is it?!! This sauntered out from under my bed, just as I was coming out from the shower. It froze, I froze, both a little apprehensive about what the other might do. I decided to break the Mexican stand-off by going back in the bathroom and shutting the door. It disappeared. Later, I’m in bed (under the sanatorium netting again), reading and I hear this screechy, scratchy rustling sound… Ever the Girl Guide I get up to investigate – this thing is only making itself a little bed in a plastic bag I have left on the floor!? To make things clear it is at least TWICE the size of this picture. Again it froze (was it hoping to hide?!), again I opted for the ‘if I pretend I haven’t seen it, it doesn’t exist’ approach and got back into bed. It has totally ruined getting up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet for me – I have to put the head torch on before I put my feet out because I do not want that squishing between my toes! I have shown several Tanzanians this photo and it remains unidentified. I’m just hoping the enormous lizard I found in the pantry today (potential next ‘Reason for…’) will sneak into my bedroom and kick its arse.


Reasons to check under the bed # 2


Okay so he’s not under the bed but it’s definitely a reason to check outside before you step out for an evening cigarette. I’ve actually had one of these lovelies land on my foot late one night – it’s not a pleasant sensation. There’s a lot of them about. Unfortunately I don’t know what kind of toad he is so if anyone has a clue, please do let me know

Reasons to check under the bed # 1

So the latest word from Tanzania is they had to kill a Black Mamba snake outside the baby home; oh, and there’s no anti-venom in Mwanza… Black Mamba….snake…kill…baby…no anti-venom… Yep, there’s no way to turn that sentence into a good one. Continue reading