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“Dear god, please let the mandazi and milk chai win them over”. A pointless prayer – partly because, as a friend would put it, I’m not ‘saved’ so He’s probably not listening to me anyway and seriously, it’s what they … Continue reading

The Art of Maasai

Maasai by Samuel Susumo 2012

The fascination with Maasais appears as widespread amongst Tanzanians as it is amongst Westerners. Depictions of them are everywhere; in charcoal, oil paint, pastels, wooden sculptures. Always walking abreast, their Pangas at angles away from their bodies, their earlobes swinging as they walk. Some are crudely done but others are truely beautiful. Continue reading

A nation’s greatness…

It was always going to be a distressing visit to the hospital. Placed on top of a hill the drive up to it twists and turns so that it slowly reveals itself in stages, a grey corner here, a window there. Even hanging half out the car it’s impossible to take pictures of it and once you arrive in the car park it’s best not to attempt it. Continue reading


Karibu! Home for 1 year

It’s eight in the morning and I’m sitting under my mosquito net {which always makes me think of TB sanatoriums and blood-letting for some reason} and drinking a cup of Masala Tea as I write this. Continue reading

Reasons to check under the bed # 1

So the latest word from Tanzania is they had to kill a Black Mamba snake outside the baby home; oh, and there’s no anti-venom in Mwanza… Black Mamba….snake…kill…baby…no anti-venom… Yep, there’s no way to turn that sentence into a good one. Continue reading