So here she is, finally… Glamourpuss, face-paint devotee, artist, sous chef (don’t expect much potato left after the “peeling” process), dancer, HUGE supporter of Ben 10, awesome nativity lamb, queen of “sucking your nostrils in and holding it”, pirate, fairy… The list goes on. More than anything she is just really good fun to teach and work with and I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved so far. Continue reading

Leo, ninajifunza lugha ya alama ya Tanzania

(Today, I am learning Tanzanian Sign Language)

So today I went for my first proper Tanzanian Sign Language lesson at Tunaweza (We can). Continue reading



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That’s the title of the Tanzanian Sign Language Dictionary I originally had copied just for my students. It’s beautifully clear, fantastic for children and my kids were desperate to take them home.

Mimi itwa kuwa na mafanikio!

(I will be successful!) Continue reading

It’s not all work, work, work…

I have been a little too work focused recently, I admit it. Setting up the project, working with Leila, learning KiSwahili and TSL, lesson planning, and I am now converting into BSL Isamilo International School’s Christmas play and teaching them all how to sign it… Continue reading