“If there is no struggle…

…there is no progress”. Frederick Douglass c. 1818 – February 20, 1895

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So here she is, finally… Glamourpuss, face-paint devotee, artist, sous chef (don’t expect much potato left after the “peeling” process), dancer, HUGE supporter of Ben 10, awesome nativity lamb, queen of “sucking your nostrils in and holding it”, pirate, fairy… The list goes on. More than anything she is just really good fun to teach and work with and I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved so far. Continue reading

Can you help?

Me looking a bit pleased with myself

Yes, I can hear you, “more sodding requests for support *dramatic sigh*” but really, with your respective countries in the state that they are I’ll wager all your doing is sitting on your couch, glued to yet another depressing news story about house prices going down, food prices going up, possibility of triple-dip recessions and desperately in need of the feel good factor. Well here’s a way you can have it and it won’t even cause charity fatigue. Isn’t that nice of me? Continue reading

A little more thought…

“That’s what you’ll find when you’re starting a project here – one step forward 97 steps back…Perseverance is the key to living here”

It seems that there are some things that I hadn’t considered when I first started this project. The jealousy of the older students being one of those things. I honestly hadn’t thought about it being difficult for them to see me bring finger paints and crayons for the children to work with or sharing chai and mandazi because the school insisted I had to otherwise I couldn’t teach the kids. Clearly I had done no thinking at all… Continue reading

Storm clouds


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The rainy season has started. Apparently in October we see the short rains. I think someone forgot to tell Mother Nature this fact as it’s been raining since 5am. It’s now 3pm and there’s been no let up – and … Continue reading



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“Dear god, please let the mandazi and milk chai win them over”. A pointless prayer – partly because, as a friend would put it, I’m not ‘saved’ so He’s probably not listening to me anyway and seriously, it’s what they … Continue reading


It was Amy’s idea to visit the local Deaf school. She was taking a box of notebooks, pencils, chalk and other essentials that were much needed (it’s incredible how many different things this woman does) and asked me to come and meet the headmaster and see the school for myself. In Tanzania, Leila is incredibly lucky to have the support that she does and this visit would show realistically what a Deaf child in Mwanza can expect. Continue reading