“If there is no struggle…

…there is no progress”. Frederick Douglass c. 1818 – February 20, 1895

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Raleigh International’s visit…

Bungando (27)“He’s a good looking boy”

“Yes and he knows it. He’s the smartest, the cutest and the naughtiest in my class” Continue reading

New year, new topic

Oh I know – sorry it’s a bit late. I’d love to say I’ve been kicking up my heels and what not but actually I’ve been poorly sana for most of this month. Still, I got to experience first hand the medical care available here… Well, I’m alive and for that I am truly grateful. Continue reading

Leo, ninajifunza lugha ya alama ya Tanzania

(Today, I am learning Tanzanian Sign Language)

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Haute Couture, Mwanza style

It was probably the only time I was ever going to be able to afford “made-to-measure, just for me only” shoes, so the route to the duka was a little underwhelming. Continue reading

Beep, beep


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Yep, utter chaos are the words I’d use as well but in my defense, who knew that glue and sequins would cause such a stir with the older kids? More went on their faces than anywhere else – there was … Continue reading

Mimi itwa kuwa na mafanikio!

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“Dear god, please let the mandazi and milk chai win them over”. A pointless prayer – partly because, as a friend would put it, I’m not ‘saved’ so He’s probably not listening to me anyway and seriously, it’s what they … Continue reading

More than I can chew


Mandazi and Milk Chai sorted for each week (Mandazi lady is saving for her child’s school fees, Chai lady for her own house); posters, pens and chalk bought; first lesson planned (rainbow and colours theme), visual aids created; how to fingerspell name in TSL practised and learnt;  currently trying to learn the KiSwahili and Tanzanian Sign Language for the planned vocab and feeling I may have bitten off a little more than I can chew…

Ninajifunza Kiswahili!

Emmanuel – Pastor, Teacher, Askari and patience of a saint

(I am learning Swahili!)

… and this dapper gentleman is the one who is teaching me. Feel very sorry for him – since discovering I can get free texts whilst I’m out here I text him CONSTANTLY as I practise my Swahili. Continue reading