Storm clouds


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The rainy season has started. Apparently in October we see the short rains. I think someone forgot to tell Mother Nature this fact as it’s been raining since 5am. It’s now 3pm and there’s been no let up – and … Continue reading



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“Dear god, please let the mandazi and milk chai win them over”. A pointless prayer – partly because, as a friend would put it, I’m not ‘saved’ so He’s probably not listening to me anyway and seriously, it’s what they … Continue reading

More than I can chew


Mandazi and Milk Chai sorted for each week (Mandazi lady is saving for her child’s school fees, Chai lady for her own house); posters, pens and chalk bought; first lesson planned (rainbow and colours theme), visual aids created; how to fingerspell name in TSL practised and learnt; ¬†currently trying to learn the KiSwahili and Tanzanian Sign Language for the planned vocab and feeling I may have bitten off a little more than I can chew…