Leo, ninajifunza lugha ya alama ya Tanzania

(Today, I am learning Tanzanian Sign Language)

So today I went for my first proper Tanzanian Sign Language lesson at Tunaweza (We can). Continue reading


Mwanza is the closest town, a 15 minute 300TSH (15p) dala dala ride from Bwiru where the laws of physics, particularly size and volume, don’t seem to apply. A dala dala is a minibus, but those that run them see only a tardis. On the outside they sport their destination and slogans such as “Manchester United rule”, “Jay Z” or, what could be a statement of fact or hilarious tongue in cheek, “Death Ride”. Continue reading


Karibu! Home for 1 year

It’s eight in the morning and I’m sitting under my mosquito net {which always makes me think of TB sanatoriums and blood-letting for some reason} and drinking a cup of Masala Tea as I write this. Continue reading