The Adventures of Australia and Sister Beckham

Dear Australia

So here it is. The long-awaited, much anticipated post of my travels to Kigoma and Gombe stream. Australia I tried, really I did, to capture the magic of our first night in the tented lodge; the frightening noises made by the zebra/warthog/fisherman; the experience of having a boat load of Tanzanians stare at us solidly for the 3 hour water taxi ride; the joy of waiting patiently for 45 minutes under that tree only to have the best chimpanzee encounter (and we saw more than Luca); swimming in Lake Tanganyika, admiring the Congolese mountains; the fish supper; the hair stealing witch; the warp speed bus ride so we “can admire the beauty of the Tanzanian bush”. But I couldn’t. It’s impossible without the facial expressions, the interjections etc etc. So instead I’ve created a little photo montage – at the very least we’ll¬†laugh.

Best wishes,

Sister Beckham