A little calamity


It was difficult telling the school the news from Raleigh. As I explained as best I could their reasons for not helping the school, Raymond covered his face with his hands. Continue reading




So, things they are occuring…at least I think they are…at least I hope they are…Aitch it’s all very Tanzanian “There’s no hurry in Africa”. Pole pole, slowly slowly – rather fitting I think sometimes that pole is also kiswahili for sorry (you bloomin well will be if you don’t hurry up!). Raleigh International are coming within the next 3 weeks, I have a meeting with the founders of the Deaf Unit…but no one’s said yes yet. Keep your fingers crossed…

I get by with a little help from my friends (and family)


Often people will text, email or write to say how proud they are of me, what an amazing thing I’m doing, how brave I am. It’s not to be knocked (actually, I quite like it) but I think it’s important to make the point that I really would not be able to do any of this without the support from everybody at home. Continue reading

Exciting news!


Having followed up a contact from a friend, I’m very excited to say that Raleigh International http://www.raleighinternational.org/ are coming in March to see me and the school with a view to taking on Bugando as a project.

Raleigh’s approach to project work is to usually engage with partners over a long term period in order to add to their capacity. This ensures that we are undertaking work that has already been identified by local organisations and that will have on-going governance once our volunteers leave. This usually leads to us working with local NGOs and government departments. However in the case of this work, given that the school is well established it could become the partner.

 I would be more than willing to visit the school in the coming months, with a view to seeing if the work needed is suitable for our volunteers and understand the needs of the project.

Feeling so encouraged by this. Everyone keep your fingers crossed for March!


So, amongst the highs and the lows and the amazing experience you’ll be having, they forget to mention that sometimes you’ll feel terribly lonely and miss your friends and family dreadfully… Thank goodness mine came for a visit! Thank you both for being so bloomin’ marvellous – such adventures! For all your support and each and everything – you are both “beautiful and up-to-date” people. See you soon xx


Right then…


Big day tomorrow – not only are we changing topic and finally moving on from Colours to Transport (I think they will love it), but I am supposed to finally be having a meeting with the founder of the Deaf unit… Let’s see if we can’t sort this nonsense out

Big thanks to everyone who has donated so far. With the money, I’ve now managed to give everyone in the class a copy of the Tanzanian Sign Language Dictionary. Wait until you see their faces – I thought one of them was going to explode!


More than I can chew


Mandazi and Milk Chai sorted for each week (Mandazi lady is saving for her child’s school fees, Chai lady for her own house); posters, pens and chalk bought; first lesson planned (rainbow and colours theme), visual aids created; how to fingerspell name in TSL practised and learnt;  currently trying to learn the KiSwahili and Tanzanian Sign Language for the planned vocab and feeling I may have bitten off a little more than I can chew…

Reasons to check under the bed… #3


These buggers are EVERYWHERE – in the hallway, wrapped round my shampoo, coming up the steps, and they are enormous. They rattle when you flick them away with your toe and curl up into a coil (the centipede not me – I’m more of a foetal position when I’m frightened). Apparently they are harmless, but when you haven’t got your glasses on and shampoo in your eye it’s heart stopping to see a blurry black or green shape advancing towards you…

Reasons to check under the bed # 2


Okay so he’s not under the bed but it’s definitely a reason to check outside before you step out for an evening cigarette. I’ve actually had one of these lovelies land on my foot late one night – it’s not a pleasant sensation. There’s a lot of them about. Unfortunately I don’t know what kind of toad he is so if anyone has a clue, please do let me know